There are numerous fire prevention and education materials and teaching tools available online for educators. LIVING WITH FIRE is a publication targeted toward urban-fringe residents who need help making their home and property more fire-resistant. The publication is posted in two ways — as web pages that are easily viewed online, and also as a complete, downloadable publication.

The Keep Oregon Green Ranger program is a great way for kids to learn about Oregon’s forests, the wildfires that threaten them, and how to prevent those wildfires.

Another good resource is Fire in Pacific Northwest Ecosystems, which is a curriculum for grades 7-12 that is posted as a downloadable PDF package.

Classroom activities, handouts, and other materials based on the Fire Wars Special from PBS are available online. The original broadcast was aired in 2002 and the website includes links, a brief bibliography, and materials and objectives targeted at grades 6-12.

Helping Children After a Wildfire: Tips for parents and teachers from the National Association of School Psychologists

Wildfire ecology Student Activities & Teacher Guides produced by the National Park Service. Some of the material focuses on the Santa Monica Mountains; this program is targeted for high school students.

Reaching Out to Teachers and Students is part of the wildland fire Communicator’s Guide produced by the National Interagency Fire Center.

NOVA Online developed a Eye in the Sky program looks at wildfires, their effects, and the science behind them. The online feature includes video clips and a photo gallery.

AOL@school has a huge list of links to educational resources for teachers and students.