Help Us Rally to Get Republicans Back to Work!

It’s but any other day, and Senate Republicans quiet haven’t shown up for work. I showed up for my job; how about you? No longer the Republican Senators. As a change of doing their jobs, which Oregon voters like elected them to fabricate, Oregon’s Republican Senators like bustle away to screen, twice in barely over a month!

Please join us this Tuesday at eleven:30am for a Rally to Rep Republican Senators Wait on to Work!

Where? At the put we last saw them and prefer them to reach benefit to – the Oregon Shriek Capitol in Salem.

By now, you’ve presumably heard what came about. The Senate Republicans don’t like the Natty Vitality Jobs bill (HB 2020) so they ran away to forestall a vote. Hiding from their jobs is entirely unacceptable. And it’s for sure no longer the Oregon methodology. We don’t bustle a ways from issues honest due to we don’t come by them exactly our methodology. At the least we don’t after we plod the age of about five.

By leaving their jobs, they are holding up extremely vital work, from Oregon’s ancient climate bill to paid household and clinical leave to funding healthcare and loads of extra packages, budgets, and policies that compose a right disagreement in the lives of Oregonians. Even worse, it’s a privilege to be elected to the Oregon Senate. By working away they are refusing to inspire higher than 1.5 million Oregonians. When they don’t work, our democracy doesn’t work.

Will you serve us rally to come by them benefit to work?

Rumor has it that among the Senate Republicans are camped out someplace in Montana, the put they hope that Oregon’s speak troopers won’t be in a position to pressure them dwelling for a vote. I additionally heard that some might perhaps nicely be in Idaho. Dazzling states to seek the advice of with on scamper, nevertheless no longer locations to screen if you occur to’re working out of your responsibilities in Oregon.

If most of us neglected a complete lot of days of work for no reason, we’d be fired. However Senate Republicans are quiet being paid; their childish stunt is funded by taxpayer’s money.

I opt my vote seriously, and I expend the weeks main as much as every election working to come by of us to vote, due to our democracy works when we all reward as much as compose it work. Senate Republicans must be reminded of that.

Join OLCV, Renew Oregon, Household Forward, SEIU, and loads of diversified organizations and folks from all around the speak to remind Republican Senators that they want to fabricate their jobs and come by benefit to work!

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